Today is Mother’s Day in the US, a day which can be bittersweet for the cancer community. As a cancer survivor with children who lost my own mom from cancer in my mid 20s, I have experienced the highs and lows that this day brings. I am sending out a virtual hug to all of my fellow survivors who have lost their moms, who have lost the ability to become a mom, or who fear that they will leave their own children far, far before they are ready.

Libby was my mom’s nickname, a nickname which really captured the warmth of her spirit. She was adventurous, passionate, a conservationist with a stubborn streak. She taught me many important values, she was always supportive, and she always challenged me to figure stuff out for myself. I recall how frustrated I used to get when she would make me get the dictionary to look up how to spell a word, rather than providing me with the answer.  Although that is a rather small example, it certainly was representative of how she taught me to be independent and capable of solving problems with guidance.

This year will be the third time I have participated in the Tri for a Cure, a local, all female triathlon that raises money for the Maine Cancer Foundation. When I was thinking about team names, For the Love of Libby. jumped into my mind. While she has been a part of each of my races, it felt so appropriate that this year I would focus my efforts exclusively in honor of her memory. After all, for many of my fellow cancer survivors, our attention is often focused on all of the wonderful people we know who have or have had cancer. It is our nature to feel deep empathy for the ones we love.

Life is frequently unfair, a diagnosis like cancer takes away our innocence and asks us to face the unthinkable. I would give anything to have more time with my mom, yet as I follow in her footsteps, through motherhood, through cancer, I realize she continues to guide me forward, through the lessons and memories she embedded into my essence.

I could not be more thankful for how she continues to show up.