The experience of having cancer is overwhelming because you must…

  • confront the reality of having cancer
  • make complex and timely medical decisions that have significant short & long term side effects while in a state of overwhelm and shock
  • figure out how to manage treatment and carry on with as much normalcy as you can muster
  • navigate the process of healing emotionally while contending with the fact that emotional healing is not as clear cut, measurable or concrete the way we can measure and plan for treating cancer

Even those who have excellent support systems benefit from having the guidance of a cancer coach. This guidance is valid at any stage in your process.

As a cancer survivor, I have unique insight into what it takes to confront cancer.  I know all about the shock of diagnosis and the resulting stress. I experienced firsthand the anxiety for the future and what it may hold, and what may lie ahead. I ‘ve been a caregiver as well, as a part of my mom’s team when she was being treated for metastatic cancer.

Through my personal experiences and training as a psychotherapist, I have acquired skills to help you through the minefield that cancer can be.

When I sit down with someone (or their loved one) who has cancer, they always feel relieved that I can understand them in a way that someone who has not walked this path cannot.

This is quickly followed by the belief that you too can not only get through it, but be able to do so in a way that is compassionate, resilient, and authentic to who you are and what you are going through.

While everyone’s needs are unique to them, here are some ways in which cancer coaching can help you:

  • Assist you through the shock of diagnosis
  • Save time and effort for you by providing the research, answers, information that you need- without you having to go through the energy of finding it yourself
  • Giving you greater confidence in your ability to advocate for yourself and your family during and after treatment
  • Teaching you effective coping skills
  • Giving you a skilled support person for yourself, or your loved one who has just been diagnosed
  • Helping you formulate a healing plan, identifying who you need on your recovery team so that you can reclaim yourself
  • Setting realistic goals while optimizing your quality of life
  • Coping with treatments and their side effects, helping you identify what you need to communicate to your treatment team
  • Supporting communication with your treatment team and your support system

I can work with you in person or via Internet.  Contact us today for a FREE phone consultation to see if this is the right for you!  If you are a Maine resident and wish to explore using your health insurance to receive services, please contact me via my private practice,