Being treated for a life threatening condition, like cancer, is often very demanding of your time and energy.  It’s not simply a medical condition, but something that affects every aspect of your life and every aspect of who you are. Diagnosing and treating a medical condition can be relatively concrete, as there are often developed protocols and tests that give you and your doctors a lot of information.

Healing emotionally from a life threatening condition is its own beast.  It is not easy to measure how impacted you are by the experience, and the steps towards healing are not always so easy to define.

I recognize that while there is a need to emotionally heal, you might feel overwhelmed by how to begin. Carving out the time for regular psychotherapy might not be in the cards, or perhaps that one hour a week might not feel like enough.

With this in mind, I’ve designed a program that meets you where you are at, for your ease, even beyond my office’s physical location.

We can meet in person or online.

I’ve designed a program that you can replicate and access on your time, when you need it– whether it’s a moment of intense feeling or in the middle of the night.

I have a tool that I can teach you to help heal your body, mind, spirit and self. A self-awareness tool that helps you break down your healing into manageable pieces. A creative process that provides you a path towards validation, understanding, processing and releasing, which are crucial for healing.

Curious? Let’s talk!  Contact us today for a FREE phone consultation to see if this is the right for you! If you are a Maine resident and wish to explore using your health insurance to receive services, please contact me via my private practice,