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How to get your life back as a cancer survivor

Isn’t it weird how explicit cancer treatment plans are, yet when it comes to having a survivorship plan- you get stuck with the same old advice- eat well, exercise, sleep… the same old advice that didn’t prevent you from having cancer in the first place?

Cancer survivorship is of course about taking care of your physical health, but it is much more than that. To really get your life back, you have to know exactly how you have been impacted before you can take steps to address it. The elephants in the room are often unnamed and taboo to discuss openly- such as mental health, sexuality, and body image/self worth. This comprehensive and free self assessment tool leaves room for all of those elephants and more.

By doing the assessment, you are going to walk away with:

  • More info about the common troubles that cancer survivors have AND your reflection about how you personally have been impacted- IE less guesswork and more CLARITY
  • You will rank the top concerns that YOU have in each category- BODY, MIND, SPIRIT, and SELF- which are the first steps to building your own UNIQUE map of healing
  • It will be much easier for you to communicate what you need to focus on with your support system AND your treatment team, because you have it written out in black and white- less mystery and more SPECIFICS
  • You will be able to begin the conversation of who you want to have on your recovery team- just like you had a treatment team for cancer, it takes a village in order to heal
  • And while this cancer biz isn’t over yet, you will walk away with the feeling that you can get there, one step at a time

As a therapist and a cancer survivor, I know it is no easy task to figure out how to get your life back. And I am here to support you as you work through it.

Once you have entered in your info below, you will be sent the assessment via email in a PDF format. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!