SCANxiety: Taming the BEAST thru ART

11/16/2018, 12-1pm EST

A virtual workshop offered through ZOOM!

SCANxiety is one of those things that can take you down. Every time you head out to a scan- you are looking fear in the eye. Even when you are keeping it together, it ultimately feels like it is in control- not you. That feeling of helplessness to make it stop… trying to avoid it or prevent it from taking over… SCANxiety can make you feel “scank-cious”, and there is nothing appealing about that!

This experiential workshop will help you understand exactly what is happening when SCANxiety starts and give you concrete tools and advice to cope with it. I will take you through a guided art therapy experience that anyone can do- no special art skills required!

If you have performance anxiety about using art- so normal! You will not need to share your work unless you wish to.

This particular date has been generously donated to attendees by an anonymous donor- so it is completely FREE to attend! Register today because space is limited!

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