SCANxiety: Taming the BEAST thru ART

5/7/2019, 10:30-12:30 & 5/20/19 5pm-7pm. In person, free, sponsored by New England Cancer Specialists. Registration required, click here to do so.

5/10/2019, 12-1pm EST, $15.00. A virtual workshop offered through ZOOM. Registration required, fill out contact form below to do so.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by SCANxiety?

I can teach you how to tame the beast

SCANxiety is one of those things that can take you down. It comes in many shapes and sizes, showing up in different ways.

Even when you’re keeping it together, it feels like SCANxiety is in control, not you. You try to avoid it or prevent it from running the show. Yet somehow it gets you every time.

SCANxiety isn’t something you choose. It’s something that takes over.

When SCANxiety hits, there’s a cascade of thoughts, feelings & sensations that are set off like a chain reaction. Creating turmoil inside of your body, mind and spirit. Because…

SCANXiety is more than anxiety. It’s PTSD in action.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this experiential workshop:

  • You’ll learn exactly what’s happening when SCANxiety hits, allowing you to respond with more ease
  • You’ll discover why art & creativity are so effective at taming the beast
  • You’ll be prepped for the workshop with a fun & effective art therapy assignment
  • You’ll have a live art therapy experience, using simple art supplies. Because I don’t want you to walk away feeling like you won’t be able to apply what you’ve learned.

If you have performance anxiety about using art, this is so normal! You won’t need to share your work unless you wish to.

To register, fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch to register you and give you all of the information you need to have a great experience.