The following workshops are fully developed, each workshop offers relevant information, tools and experiential exercises to help the participants actualize the goals of each offering.  Each workshop includes a promotional blog to engage the audience, and participants are given handouts that assist them in continuing the practice and learning at home.

If you are interested in hosting, promoting, or contracting to offer one of the workshops, please contact Stephanie by email: [email protected]

Back to Life, Back to Reality?! Decoding Cancer Survivorship

Many cancer survivors find themselves asking “What now?” when active cancer treatment, with its clear goals and targeted outcomes, ends.  The needs of survivorship are vast and unique to each individual and not always neatly laid out in a tangible, clear way. The tasks of survivorship involve emotionally healing the body, mind, spirit, and self. Join us in this discussion of the why and how, and come away with tools for addressing your own unique needs.

Building Resiliency 

Improve your health and healing during and after cancer treatment by building resiliency. Being resilient during and after treatment helps us to manage stress and improve our wellness. Come and learn how you can improve your resiliency in this experiential workshop that will offer specific techniques and resources for replicating at home.

A Cancer Story Through Art

Spend an evening with local art therapist and breast cancer survivor, Stephanie McLeod-Estevez, who will present her latest art work processing her cancer treatment on breast casts that were done prior to surgery. She will explain how art can be used to heal emotionally from a life threatening illness and provide information of how art may be used to heal independent of a person’s skill level.

Cultivating a Meditative Art Practice

Art therapy is a highly effective tool that anyone can use to help process the complexity of cancer treatment and its aftermath.  This workshop is a HOW-TO use art to emotionally heal from cancer.  Through storytelling, experiential exercises and engagement, participants will come away with tools they can use at home.  No art skills required to benefit from the experience- just an open mind and desire to feel better.

Radical Acceptance of Body and Self

Cancer treatment often deeply impacts women’s body image, identity, and intimacy with ourselves and others.  This discussion seeks to help women reclaim their connection through understanding what is happening psychologically, learning about the tools of radical acceptance, and being lead through a guided meditation/art experience that can set the foundation for healing the body image and identity.

Sleep Solutions for Insomnia

Insomnia is a common concern for cancer patients. Improve your health and healing during and after cancer treatment. Come learn techniques and resources for improving your sleep habits.  While insomnia is a common concern for cancer patients, you can recover the ability to fall asleep without struggling or relying upon medication. Come and learn how you can reclaim this ability in this experiential workshop that will offer specific techniques and resources you can use at home.

Stressful Conversations 

The pressure of diagnosis and treatment can take its toll on our ability to relate to one another. Join this experiential workshop that will help you recognize different styles of stress response, coping, and communication. You will walk away with new skills which will help you overcome barriers to have effective communication with your loved ones and your treatment team.