Virtual workshops are an excellent way to experience the impactful tools that I have designed from the comfort of your own home AND in the company of others who can totally appreciate what you are going through! Each workshop is unique to the topic it addresses, but the intention for each one is the same:

  • Each will share knowledge to support you in being able to understand what is going on for you personally related to healing from cancer.
  • Each workshop will be highly interactive and engaging- you get to decide what your comfort level is in terms of sharing of course!
  • Each workshop includes experiential pieces so that not only are you going to hear about new ways of supporting yourself through healing- but you are going to get the chance to try it out live so that you can get support in learning. As above, no one is required to share anything they create unless you wish to!

The links below will take you to each workshop’s page:

Back to Life, Back to Reality: Decoding Cancer Survivorship

SCANxiety: Taming the beast through art therapy

Workshop Testimonials:

“Not until Stephanie McLeod-Estevez’ workshop on “SCANXIETY: Taming the Beast through Art” would I have ever realized Creativity– the spark of one kind or another that’s in everyone– could be as powerful in treating the mind, body & heart of those w/ cancer as medication, radiation, meditation, support groups, therapy & even faith in God. Through Creative Transformations, Stephanie showed how to process traumatic memories & ongoing fears we choose not to deal with by putting them on paper. To express what’s going on inside of me. What does the SCANxiety Beast look like? What kind of things does the monster say to me? What do I want to say back? Very empowering workshop, very cleansing & freeing. Thank you Stephanie!”

“This was amazing and something I would do often if available. Living in North Conway Nh, it has been really hard to find a therapist that has worked with someone who has dealt with cancer. I feel like we are a different breed and things said to others so not always work for us. I choose to do all of my treatments in Scarborough Maine and crave to be part of all the offerings they have in Portland area but it’s too far. This online workshop was perfect!!! Healing!!!and with a talented woman who truly!!! Understands what it is like and I so appreciate and respect that.”

“This was a wonderfully interactive and energetic session. Stephanie’s openness about her
own life experiences coupled with her ability to affirm the experiences of others allowed those in
attendance to feel safe to open up about their fears and frustrations surrounding their own diagnoses.”