How do I sign up? The first step is to contact Stephanie via email or phone to discuss your interest and schedule an appointment.

What is the cancellation policy? A 48 hour cancellation notice is required.  If less than 48 hours notice is given, you may be subject to paying the cancellation fee of $75.oo.

Do I need to have experience with art? Not at all, art created during this experience falls under the category of “process art”.  It’s powerful because it captures visually your experience and offers the opportunity to reflect and meditate upon your process.  Yet, just as a painter might capture their next project in a series of sketches, these drawings are meant to be glimpses of the present ideas.  It is very natural to feel nervous or anxious about making art, which Stephanie can help you address in session.

What is the preparation guide? Your preparation guide will help you narrow down and explore what has been happening for you.  In our meeting, you will share what you have written and I will help you to find a jumping off point.  Sometimes we fear we must know all the steps along the path, but in all honesty- we just need to find that one place to begin.  That is my role, to provide a safe environment to help you begin.

Can I use my health insurance? This service is designed to be of great value in terms of helping participants create a home practice of art and meditation.  Unlike traditional therapy services, there is no formal assessment, diagnosis, or treatment planning; therefore, it is not a service that insurances will pay for.  If you would like to use your health insurance, please contact me via my psychotherapy private practice to explore the possibility of working together,