Our Story

Stephanie McLeod-Estevez, LCPC

Creative Transformations, LLC was created as a response to the needs of individuals as they recover emotionally from cancer.  Stephanie’s personal experiences of having breast cancer and caring for a loved one who died from breast cancer, have created a deep passion for the complexity of recovering one’s body, mind, spirit, and sense of self.

Stephanie obtained her master’s in expressive arts therapy, and she has used creativity and meditation to support her own healing process.  Now she wishes to share her experience to help others develop their own creative, meditative practice for healing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring guidance and hope for emotional healing following cancer.  Cancer can cause us to fear that we will never be the same again, and the process of healing emotionally is not nearly as clear cut as the cancer diagnosing and treatment.  It requires us to not only process what we have been through, but to do so while facing a great deal of uncertainty about our future.

The emotional ramifications of having cancer include anxiety, depression and PTSD.  To get through treatment, we often shut down and go into “survivor” mode, but this is the exact opposite of what is needed to heal the body, mind, spirit, and self.

Our Method

Creative Transformations is designed to meet you where you are, independent of location.   Stephanie offers cancer coaching, workshops and the art as therapy DIY program- a protocol that Stephanie developed, that will help you craft a practice of using art and meditation to heal emotionally following a life threatening illness or injury.

Art and meditation are effective tools to help us heal, because they offer a way to tap into what we have experienced, and rather than becoming overwhelmed by it- the tools offer us a way to observe the experience, laying the groundwork for ultimately working through it.

Through the packing and unpacking of the story, we become stronger, more fulfilled, and more resilient human being.

Most importantly- this art is for everyone- no artistic talent necessary to reap the rewards!

What we do

The sessions, workshops, and blogs that are provided will give you the tools that will allow you to continue the journey of healing, as a personal process and as a compliment to individual, group, or family therapy you may be engaged in already.

It is important to know that while this is a therapeutic experience, it is not a replacement for psychotherapy. It is recommended that survivors engage in an ongoing therapeutic relationship.

Who we serve

We serve clients and their loved ones who have experienced, or are experiencing, a life threatening illness or injury.  Sessions can be scheduled to happen in person at the office or via Internet.