The experience of having cancer is overwhelming: confronting the reality you have cancer, having to make complex medical decisions that have significant short and long term side effects, figuring out how you are going to manage treatment and meet the needs of your daily life, and so forth.  Even those who have excellent support systems benefit from having the guidance of a cancer coach.

As a cancer survivor, I have unique insight into what it takes to confront both cancer and life after treatment ends.  I know all about the shock of diagnosis and the resulting stress. I experienced firsthand the anxiety for the future and what it may hold, and what may lie ahead. Through my personal experiences and training as a psychotherapist, I have acquired skills to help others through the minefield that cancer can be.

When I sit down with someone (or their loved one) who has cancer, the relief they feel that I can so intimately relate to their experience is obvious.  This is quickly followed by an increase in the belief that they too can get through it all.

While everyone’s needs are unique to them, here are some ways in which cancer coaching can help:

  • Assist  through the shock of diagnosis
  • Save time and effort doing research
  • Teach coping skills
  • Be a skilled support person for the cancer patient
  • Help formulate a healing plan
  • Help set realistic goals
  • Help cope with treatments and their side effects
  • Support communication with treatment team and support system

I can work with you in person or via Skype.  Contact us today to start the process.

Rates: $75 for 30 minute session, $150 for 60 minute session.  Sessions can be purchased one at a time or in packages of 3, with a 10% discount when paid in advance.